Decentralized reward infrastructure for the internet

With DZT we want to create a harmony among users, contributors and businesses that not only solves the issues existing reward programs fail to address but also maximizes user satisfaction and brand loyalty. 

White paper
"We believe users and contributors deserve appreciation for their part in the growth of an organization and organizations can achieve higher user engagement, ecosystem expansion and increased user loyalty by integrating DZT into their products."

Connecting cryptocurrency to real world application and making it meaningful, easy to use

DZT is a token, organizations are willing to reward anyone involved in their ecosystem.


Receive DZT for fulfilling specific offers designed by the organizations, use it in the same ecosystem or different one that supports DZT or exchanges it for a different asset.


Ability to be a part of an ecosystem they love. Receive DZT for generating value in the organization ecosystem. The revenue stream is very transparent with no discrimination.


Transparent, efficient, nearly real-time, cost effective, secure personalized reward management leads to higher user engagement which ultimately will create brand loyalty.

DZT Ecosystem

Personalized Reward
  • Offers personalized for each user
  • Freedom to use rewards however you like
  • No expiration
  • Reward transfer happens near real time
Doozie Platform
  • Decentralized, secure, transparent, guaranteed to deliver reward management system
  • Highly reliable, zero system fee and fully managed
  • Resistant to fraudulent activities
  • Frictionless system
Doozie Wallet
  • Higher value, better user experience
  • Buy / Sell crypto with few clicks at the best price
  • Earn crypto + DZT rewards by depositing assets in liquidity pool
  • Manage crypto payment from a single wallet just like cash

DZT Journey Map

Organizations enable DZT


Users receive personalized offers


Users fulfill offers and receive DZT


Users use their reward wherever they like


DZT on Gigalogy AI Platform



DZT v1.0 - Gigalogy AI platform integration

Integrate DZT ecosystem to Gigalogy AI platform. 3rd party contributors can earn DZT by building AI solutions. End users can earn DZT by interacting with personalized offers designed by Gigalogy personalization engine via customer product. At this point users will have functionality such as receiving / buying / selling DZT from their wallet

DZT v1.0 - Doozie shop integration

Integrate DZT ecosystem to Doozie shop. Users can receive DZT by purchasing items  and fulfill various other offers from Doozie shop. Users can also purchase various items from the shop using DZT.

DZT v2.0 - Enhanced user experience

One single wallet to manage crypto payments. Users can increase their assets + earn DZT as reward by depositing assets in liquidity pool. Ability to use crypto with a single action just like we use cash

DZT v3.0 - Doozie Platform for organizations

Decentralized, fully managed, secure, highly reliable, guaranteed to deliver reward management platform for organizations to increase revenue, brand loyalty 

DZT Ecosystem Participants

DZT is currently available on the following exchanges.


LOBSTR is a leading platform for managing Stellar Lumens and other assets issued on Stellar network.



StellarTerm is an open source client for trading on Stellar Decentralized Exchange.



Portal to all assets on Stellar network. The platform provides an easy-to-use noncustodial wallet.


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We are aiming to make the usage of technology easy, meaningful for everyone. We believe users, contributors deserves appreciation for their part in the growth of any organization. DZT was born with this philosophy and we are working very hard to deliver solutions resulting great user experience.

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